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Tests and shooting dates

November 27th, 2009 · No Comments

You know that idea about shooting entirely on location? Yeah, so we’re doing the opposite . . . but I have some ideas for how to work out the backgrounds that should mean I don’t need animators. On December 5th we’ll be making some tests to try out these ideas. I’m confident one of them will work – or something related will.

I have a DoP: Michelle Ayoub. She’s a third-year Concordia Comms student, and really gets my project. I’m looking forward to working with her very much. Another film-maker, Pierre Samuel Rioux, will be joining me for the test shots. It will be great to get his opinions on the show.

The puppets are almost totally complete. Stephanos is waiting for his suit, which will be ready in time for the final shoot. Chloe is being strung this week, and should be ready just in time for the tests.

And now – in the very middle of writing this post, no less – I find out I can’t use the camera I wanted. Which is okay, because I had a back-up option – Except the back-up has been totally booked out for when we need to do tests. So test shots are going to be only about half-useful now, but I’m doing them anyway; half-useful tests, after all, are better than no tests at all.

December 12th I hope to meet a lot of the puppeteers for a read-through and rehearsal. After that I’ve set up shooting for every weekend from January 15th until February 7th. It looks like that first weekend will be mostly another sort of test shooting – which is fine, given that my sound people can’t make that shooting date anyway. I just hope I don’t have to tack on additional shooting time; I will be grading an absolutely gigantic pile of assignments starting in mid-February, so I’m hoping to be in post-production by then.

Tasks to complete: Between December 12th and January 15th I need to talk with my sound people, set up a shooting script with my DoP, maybe storyboard with my DoP and a concept artist, and play with background ideas using the Dec 5th test materials. I also need to finish a formal proposal for the MA research project component of this work.

When I started this post I meant to say everything was on track. Looks like everything isn’t quite – but at least we’re not really off the rails just yet.

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