Into the Stuffing


October 28th, 2009 · No Comments

Check out these finished puppets for Stuffed!:


Jack Sadness is a sock puppet hobo who lives in our heroes’ alleyway. The sock puppets don’t do too well in general; it’s hard to find work when you don’t have any arms . . . but Jack’s not complaining.


Kirby is the Malcolm X of the puppet world, and nobody but nobody’s gonna tell Kirby’s friends what they can or can’t do. He’s a member of the Puppet Activist League because he thinks it’s unfair how puppets everywhere are treated – and by ‘puppets everywhere’, he means Kirby.


And then there’s Doug. He’s a rarity amongst puppets; he plays computer games. Most puppets are still pissed at the CGI because of the war they lost. But Doug’s a live-and-let-live sort of guy, real laid back . . . even if he isn’t very good at communicating with others. Oh, he also deludes himself from time to time that he’s a superhero. And he’s British, so I guess that means he wants to be a British superhero. Could Doug be the next Doctor?

(Garry Gish made the prototypes for Doug – thanks very much for doing so, Garry!)

Those are three of the five major characters in the show. Stephanos (the villain) is in the planning stages (his maker had scheduling problems, so I need to find a new puppet maker for him). Chloe is presently being built by Garry Gish and NoĆ« Cropsal – for whose work I am very thankful.

I look forward to showing you more puppets in the future!

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