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October 16th, 2009 · No Comments

Stuffed! has been going forward, but no plan survives reality. And of course the busier a project is the less easy it is to find time to document it.

I have a completed draft of the pilot episode. It is, however, a 30 minutes episode – so I’ve decided to write a much shorter piece, or use an excerpt, to make my test footage. I will then send this test footage, plus the finished pilot script, to networks and funding agencies. This way I can focus on making a professional five minutes of footage on no budge, instead of producing an amateur 24 minutes. It’ll also allow me some more space to experiment in collaboration with my cast and crew.

The test shots I’d scheduled for the first week of October didn’t happen – they were premature anyway, and the result of a miscommunication with my then-DoP. At least the early October deadline pushed some things forward.

I am presently on a search for a new DoP. My original pick – while exceptional at his job I am sure – is simply too busy to work closely with the total directing n00b that is me. So I have a couple new possibilities to consider.

I have finished three of the puppets! Jack, Kirby and Doug are completed, except for the arm rods I need to add to Kirby and Doug. Chloe and Stephanos are in process, with a deadline of mid-December to complete them. I will put up photos of the completed puppets very soon (I promise. Really, for sure this time).

I will be shooting this project in front of a green screen, so I need animators to make backgrounds. This weekend I’ll make up advertisements for these animators.

My plan is to have completed by mid-December:

  • a 5-minute shooting script,
  • all of the puppets,
  • the background designs,
  • and a confirmation of my full crew.

This way in January the animators can complete their designs off the dailies, my film editor can hopefully get his work done before March – or at least enough of it that voices can be overdubbed in March – and the final piece will be completed in time for me to graduate before the summer. Possibly the post-production will lag, but I can use that time to work on my research paper and then graduate at the end of the summer.

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