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September 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

I have gone through the last of my old stories. I sifted out what I can maybe sell, what I have to rewrite, and what’s going nowhere. Then I rewrote what I could. Finally tonight I went through magazines to find a suitable home for some of these stories.

I have a total of six stories to send out – four of which are going out today, and the other two are in need of another once-over. Two stories to mainstream publishers, two to sf/f markets. Though I’ve submitted things to workshops and contests, this is the first time I’ve sent anything off for sale since 2007 – so it’s quite exciting.

Fortunately, I already know how it goes now: I will be excited, maybe a little nervous, for a couple days. Then I’ll totally forget about the submissions because I’ve just got so much on my plate. By the time I get a reply I’ll have totally forgotten I submitted these stories. The one time I sold a poem, the gratification was so incredibly delayed I don’t think it’s really hit me yet that I’m a ‘published writer’ – and it’s been nearly two years!

After these go out I will slowly rifle through the old poems, and get some of them on the rotation too. I suspect that five to fifteen of them are publishable, but I don’t want to spend any excess time on the poems that aren’t ready since my focus is in totally different directions these days.

I have a couple new stories to write as well – after I get the test pilot of my TV series into good working order (I have a full rewrite on that to complete this weekend). Along with the stories I also have to develop a couple treatments for graphic novels I want to make with some of my artist friends. And then there’s the novel I really need to reboot. I have so many great things I’m anxious to create – best anxiety ever!

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