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Puppetry materials in Montreal

August 26th, 2009 · No Comments

As a public service I’m going to provide (with permission) a synopsis of a long email about puppet materials that I received from Graham Soul. Mostly this is a list of places to buy puppetry materials in Montreal.

For determining quantities of materials needed, the best way to go about it is to make drawings/plans of each puppet first, full-size. By preparing the pattern / skeleton first, you should have a fairly good idea how much material you will need (fabric, doweling, foam).


On St-Hubert Street, north of Jean-Talon, there are loads of fabric stores (Jean-Talon Metro). There you will find:

  • basic plain cotton fabric
  • sometimes they sell foam (see below)
  • fleece (such as the kind used to make sweaters), good as a much cheaper alternative to antron fleece – and available in Montreal!
  • fake fur

A big fabric store is Textiles Debouk inc. (7244, rue St-Hubert, Montréal H2R 2N1 514-278-6036), but there are many others nearby on St-Hubert. Fabricville is another option, which has stores around Montreal.


Some of the fabric stores on St-Hubert sell regular and high density foam in various sizes. There is also a mattress store (a block or so up from Jean-Talon, west side I think) that sells foam mattresses (and smaller pieces of foam), both regular and high density.  The high density foam will last longer – it won’t rot as fast as regular foam – but for some parts of a puppet, you may prefer the spongier, regular stuff.

Reticulated foam:

  • can be used instead of regular foam inside of a puppet, or
  • can be used uncovered as the actual “skin” of the puppet, instead of covering it with fleece or fur.
  • can be easily dyed.
  • is available from:

Engineered Foam Products Canada
111 B Snidercroft Road
Concord ON, L4K 2J8
Phone #: 905-695-0640
Fax #: 905-695-0532
Key contact: Ted Giroux, General Manager

  • must pay by cheque before they will ship your order.
  • yellow coloured (some reticulated foam is black, so cannot be dyed!)
  • 20 PPI (density)
  • can be ordered in any thickness
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