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14-25 Aug 09 – Schedule

August 25th, 2009 · No Comments

The primary constraints of this project (besides money) is: the weather, and the scheduling commitments of crew.

We need to either shoot in front of a green screen, and somehow animate backgrounds – or we need to wait to shoot in April of 2010. It depends on what’s going to be better for the project; I like the idea of animated backgrounds, because it’s a visual clue that puppets see the world differently than humans do. But it might destroy the gritty derilict appearance of the LA slums that the puppets live inside.

So we’re doing test shots in early October, and we’ll play around to get the right look for the show before the schedule gets formalized. But that means at least some puppets need to be finished by early October. I’m shooting for two hand-and-rod puppets (Doug and Kirby), plus a sock puppet (Jack Sadness) for September 30th.

Here’s the basic schedule overall:
ALREADY COMPLETE: some drafts of scripts, some materials and equipment purchased, crew advertised for, some crew met
BY SEPT 30: some puppets complete, script complete, crew mostly in place, concept art finished.
TEST SHOOTING, then pin down all basic visuals and audio choices, determine if shooting before green screen or not.
PRE-PROD to finish then (if not before): crew set in stone, rest of puppets to finish (by end of Nov), location scouting as necessary, shot list. Collect tentative list of voice actors.
SHOOTING either before green screen (October to January) or without it (April).
POST-PROD – sound effects, music complete. Overdub voices. To complete either in May or August, dependent on when shooting began.

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